We can all contribute towards improving road safety.  For example, our children watch us drive and learn about how we deal with other road users and situations. They also pick up on what we think about other road users such as cyclists, along with any propensity towards road rage we may have or our risk taking behaviour. By being aware that we are 'being watched' we can make sure we set a positive example.

As parents and carers the examples we set influence our children. So if we choose to speed can we be surprised if our children also speed when they have passed their driving test?  

What about the power of positive peer pressure? We have a role to play which can help to influence the way our friends drive. If we accept risk taking, speeding, blind overtakes, drink driving, then we do nothing to break the cycle of risk with the potential consequence of more road causalities. However, if we have open discussions with our friends which raise our awareness around poor choices, recognise and encourage safe driving and reject risk taking then perhaps we can prevent some accidents.

What about the roles of company directors and managers, organisations, schools and community groups in helping to champion road safety? Could more be done to raise awareness of road safety? For example, presentations and workshops on road safety. 

There is no simple solution to reduce the number of people, just like you and me, killed or seriously injured every day on our roads. If there was it would have been done. Although many of us will have our own ideas on how we can work towards zero road casualties not everyone has the time to focus upon this as we all lead hectic lives. However, as a starting point we can all influence others by the examples we set.

I am in a position where I can now provide free road safety presentations and workshops to schools and colleges.  You can find more information about what I can offer by clicking here.

The purpose of the further information section is to provide information about road safety from a number of different sources and provide links to other organisations such as Brake the road safety charity. I will also put forward some of my own thoughts and ideas. My blog pages will also contain more information about road safety.

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