Thank you for taking the time to visit our website where you will find information about the fleet and corporate driver training we offer throughout the UK for drivers of company cars and grey fleet.  

Information within the website will give you a flavour of what we can offer. We pride ourselves on our customer service and delivery which means you have flexibility when booking courses and no pressure or time limits to purchase training. We can work together to design bespoke training to meet your needs. 

Driver training offers an opportunity to reduce your organisational road risk. It also goes hand in hand with eco efficient driving techniques. Effective management of road risk and eco efficient driving will save you money.

Making sure your drivers have the skills they need to stay safe is important. Many drivers will not have taken any driver training since passing their test. However, most accidents are caused by driver error.

Understanding driver behaviour is important to effectively manage risk. Helping your drivers to understand what motivates them and encouraging them to take responsibility for their own actions can be empowering.

We offer a selection of courses for your company car drivers and managers. We offer flexibility because you can mix and match elements from the different course formats we offer or we can design a bespoke course to meet your organisational requirements. You are encouraged to invest in a training programme which you want and which will benefit you.

The key to maximising any training programme is continued review and intervention. Making sure that polices remain fit for purpose, high risk drivers are identified and effectively managed as an ongoing process. We can assist you to manage your on road risk by mentoring your managers and helping to empower them with the skills they need to be effective at managing road risk.

Alternatively, you may already have in place effective policies to manage risk overseen by highly skilled managers but you require a trainer to deliver your on road driver training. Whether you want on road training designed to raise the personal awareness of your drivers and help them to manage their behavioural risk factors or you want a traditional skills based on road training session I can deliver. We offer bespoke training to meet your needs.

We offer a level of service larger companies will struggle to meet. For example, you will have direct access to a dedicated manager to answer your questions and to book your courses saving you time and effort. Post training,  you will continue to have access to a dedicated single point of contact for any follow up questions, support or guidance.  

How many organisations consider the specific needs of their disabled drivers? How many organisations know what help is available to support drivers who may have additional needs.

How disability friendly are your policies and procedures? Have you ever considered how tasks which take you a given time to complete may take a disabled person longer? What about pain and fatigue management and how these affect the driving task?

Disability should not limit the productivity of your employees. Whilst responsible employers already make reasonable adjustments have you ever considered what adjustments you can make to support all of your staff who have to drive as part of their work above and beyond providing a company car?

How can I help you to support your staff who drive as part of their work?

“Hindsight is a wonderful thing because we can learn from our mistakes. However, it means that things have already gone wrong. Foresight and prevention are better”.
— Alistair Stuart B.Combined Studies (Hons), LLB (Hons) Managing Director Celtic Driver Training

Understanding organisational behaviour is also important. What motivates your company? What safety culture do you think you have? What safety culture do you actually have? What we think, how we manage and promote safety are also products of our beliefs, attitudes, experiences and self-image. How effectively are you managing your organisational behaviour? Are policies and procedures clear, concise and effectively communicated to all staff? Do you recognise and reward safe driving practice? Are you proactive or reactive? Consistent or hit and miss? What opportunities do you have for improvement?

Are you ready to make a training and organisational investment?

Why invest in Celtic Driver Training Advanced Fleet courses?

  • Improved MPG when your drivers implement the techniques we will teach them

  • Advanced driving techniques which will help to develop your driver's skills and vehicle sympathy

  • Introduction to the concept of risk within the context of driving. How to recognise and manage this risk

  • Increased understanding of how our emotions influence our driving behaviour

  • Introduction to coping strategies to deal with on road stress and anxiety

  • Transferable skills for your drivers to pass onto colleagues, family and friends

  • On line risk profiling, licence check, aptitude tests and e learning modules provided by Roadmarque

  • Selection of on road advanced driving courses

  • Work shops and presentations to help you manage your road risk

  • You benefit from one point of contact to arrange driver training

  • One point of contact for advice and guidance

  • Bespoke courses designed for you


ALL TRAINING IS SUBJECT TO OUR TERMS AND CONDITIONS. Click here for further information.

How can I help you to manage your road risk? Contact Alistair Stuart on 07813 824125 or 01709 541139 for more information or submit the form below.

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