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Thank you for taking time to visit my website. Here you will find an overview for the various courses I offer with links to access further information.

I have a very strong background in advanced driving with my on road skills having been developed over many years. 

Fleet training for drivers of cars and light vans is provided by me throughout the UK. My other courses are delivered in Rotherham, South Yorkshire.

Automatic Driving Lessons

From September 2017 I will be offering automatic driving lessons in the Rotherham area. Some learners find learning to drive in a manual car can be daunting as they get to grips with using the clutch and selecting gears in the early stages of training. Automatic cars have no manual clutch which means that you do not have to worry about which gear to be in or stalling. However, learning to drive in an automatic car still involves a lot of hard work to master the skills you will need to be a safe driver. My learners have free access to Theory Test Pro and other resources.

Click here for more information about my automatic driving lessons. 

Fleet Training

I provide national coverage for fleet and corporate driver training, specialising in cars and light vans.

  • I provide training throughout the UK for drivers of cars and light vans
  •  I have a very strong background in advanced driving and have the skills to pass on my knowledge
  • On line risk profiling, licence check, aptitude tests and e learning modules
  • Selection of on road advanced driving courses
  • Work shops and presentations to help you manage your road risk
  • You benefit from one point of contact to arrange driver training
  • One point of contact for advice and guidance
  • One credible trainer delivering your training
  • Bespoke courses designed by me for you
  • No subcontracting training out to other trainers
  • I continue to invest in my own professional development to be the best trainer I can be
  • Compare my qualifications with your current provider

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Driving Instructor Training

Are you bored with your present job or are you looking for a career change? Becoming a driving instructor can offer you a new lifestyle. As your own boss you can choose the hours you work and the holidays you want to take. You are in charge of your own destiny. Where is your imagination going to take you?

What difference to your lifestyle would it make if the rewards for all of your effort and commitment actually went to you and not your boss? Working for yourself and reaping the benefits for you and your family.  Are you ready to release your ambition and realise your full potential?

My training course will not only equip you to pass the qualifying exams but will provide you with the foundation you will need to be an effective driver trainer and grow a successful business. The course is client centred, using a mixture of coaching and traditional instructional techniques to help you to succeed.

The course is delivered using my car which is an automatic. This may be of interest to you if you have an automatic driving licence or a disability which makes driving a manual car difficult. 

If you have a manual licence you can take the test in either a manual or automatic car. You’ll be able to train people in both types of car when you’ve qualified.

If you have an automatic licence you must take the test in an automatic car. You’ll only be able to train people in an automatic car when you’ve qualified.

I offer a 2 hour "try it and see" suitability assessment during which you will have the opportunity to see first-hand what the training involves. Find out how to qualify including what the theory test involves, have an assessment drive, watch a demonstration drive and have a go at instructing. There is no commitment. What have you got to loose?

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Advanced Driving

Advanced driver training has benefits. The reality is that most drivers will never take part in any further driver training once they have passed their test. Even as experienced drivers we all get into bad habits over the years. Sometimes it is beneficial just to have someone independent to assess our driving and help us to improve.

Whether our individual goal is to build confidence as we get older, the roads get busier or after an accident, learn techniques to help stay safe and enjoy driving, save fuel or prepare for an advanced driving test. Advanced driver training can help us to reach these goals. You do not have to take another driving test unless you want to.

Whether you are an experienced driver or you have just passed your test,  everyone can benefit from further driver training by learning techniques which will help them to scan the road, recognise risks and use a 'system of car control' to drive safely.

I have a very strong background in advanced driving and have the skills necessary to pass my knowledge on to you.

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Road Safety Presentations and Workshops

As part of my commitment to road safety, I am now in a position to offer my time free of charge to go into local schools and colleges to deliver road safety presentations and workshops.

My previous projects include delivering interactive presentations to raise road safety awareness of 15 - 16 year old students. Presentations for  14-15 year old students on passenger safety and a workshop focusing on the theory test for learner drivers delivered to local college students aged 17 years plus. Audience size ranging from 20 to over 100 students. 

Click here for more information about road safety presentations and workshops I can deliver.