Advanced driver training has benefits. The reality is that most drivers will never take part in any further driver training once they have passed their test. Even as experienced drivers we all get into bad habits over the years. Sometimes it is beneficial just to have someone independent to assess our driving and help us to improve. Whether our individual goal is to build confidence as we get older, the roads get busier or after an accident, learn techniques to help stay safe and enjoy driving, save fuel or preparing for an advanced driving test. Advanced driver training can help us to reach these goals. You do not have to take a another driving test unless you want to.

Whether you are an experienced driver or you have just passed your test,  everyone can benefit from further driver training by learning techniques which will help them to scan the road, recognise risks and use the 'system of car control' to drive safely.

Driving is a skill for life. With practice and experience we become safer drivers.  If you are interested in becoming an advanced driver, then a course with Celtic Driver Training could be what you are looking for.

THE WAY WE THINK ABOUT DRIVING IS CHANGING. Advanced driving is also about understanding how our driving behaviour is influenced by how we feel, our thoughts, beliefs and attitudes. By understanding how behaviour influences how we drive we can begin to understand what we need to do to reduce the potential impact of poor driving behaviours.

“No matter how much we think we know, we can always learn more and continually improve our driving. There is no such thing as a perfect driver.
— Alistair Stuart

You do not have to take an advanced driving test to be an advanced driver. Advanced driving is about more than technical skill. Advanced driving is about understanding how our thoughts, feelings, attitudes and beliefs will influence our driving behaviour and the choices we make. Whilst what we consider to be an advanced driver may differ from person to person advanced drivers are thinking drivers, who recognise risk, understand how their own personality will influence how they drive and do all they can to stay safe and be responsible.

Whatever your motivation I can help you to achieve your goals.

I have a very strong background in advanced driving and have the skills necessary to pass my knowledge onto you.

Courses usually commence and end at my Rotherham office. Training is delivered using your vehicle and subject to my terms and conditions.

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All of my advanced courses cost £25 per hour. Please note training is delivered using your vehicle which must be roadworthy, taxed, insured and tested (if required). You must hold a full driving licence for the type of vehicle being driven. Start and finish from my Rotherham office unless agreed otherwise prior to training commencing.

Half and full day advanced driving courses are available. 

All courses are subject to my terms and conditions.

Contact Alistair Stuart on 07813 824125 for more information or submit the form below.

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