Celtic Driver Training Using Country Roads Safely

When you were learning to drive you may not have spent a lot of time driving on 60 mph country roads. However, now you have passed your driving test you may benefit from a short course with a focus on driving safely using country roads.

Country roads are enjoyable. Travelling across country can be fun as you enjoy the views, drive through villages and get to see unspoiled parts of the country. However, country roads have their own danger. For example, tight corners, narrow lanes, blind spots, hidden dips, farm vehicles, restricted views caused by hedges and walls. Micro climates, mud and leaves on the road. Roads which sometimes tempt the use of inappropriate speed and dangerous overtaking.

The reality is that if you come off the road at 60 mph on a country road you may hit a tree or a wall. If you overtake when you can not see what is coming you may have a collision with on coming vehicles. Vehicles which may be travelling at the national speed limit of 60 mph. If you corner too quickly or you get caught out with how tight a bend is you could lose control. 

This short course comprises of 2 hours in car training. We will practice cornering, observational techniques, creating time and space. Develop your awareness of speed, over taking, following distance and hazard awareness.

This course is designed to give you confidence to use country roads safely. To understated the additional risks of using country roads and the skills and knowledge you need to effectively manage these risks.

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