The DRIVER Programme© 

This is our Gold Standard Course. It is designed to provide one full day of training using a structured programme to help organisations effectively manage their on road risk.

This course will be of value if you have already identified a high risk driver or your organisation has the flexibility to release staff from the workplace for a whole day allowing them to benefit from this extended training opportunity.

The DRIVER Programme©

  • Interactive presentation which can include your on road policies and procedures
  • Driving licence visual check, eyesight and vehicle checks
  • Record of the session including recommendations for improvement and highlighting what has been achieved
  • In car coaching focusing on the developmental needs of the driver and company requirements
  • Vehicle sympathy and eco driving is developed
  • Elimination of high risk driving styles
  • Review of perfomance with a training report including a before and after risk assessment and action plan

The Course

The course commences with a power point presentation which is designed to be interactive and to develop your driver’s understanding of on road risk and responsibility. This presentation is an opportunity to include your policies and procedures for managing on road risk. It is also an opportunity to communicate any safety messages you may wish to include such as the use of mobile phones and speeding.

Following an eye sight and visual driving licence check there is a module on vehicle safety checks.  These checks include information about what should be checked, how and when to ensure vehicles remain road worthy. The consequences for failing to make these checks are highlighted. This module is made relevant to your drivers because the information given will be tailored to their experience and needs. An in car risk assessment is then completed which provides an initial risk assessment grade and a performance benchmark.

On road coaching is then provided which will focus on the developmental needs of your driver identified during the assessment drive and subsequent feedback. We build upon the candidate's existing strengths and experience and can also include any specific requirements highlighted by your company. 

Feedback is given throughout to help your driver develop their self-awareness and ability to learn by self-reflection. Focus is on eliminating high risk driving behaviour by developing skills such as observation and anticipation. It is also an opportunity to explore how our driving behaviour is influenced by our personality and emotions and how these factors impact upon our on road risk.  We will also explore how thoughts, feelings and beliefs, influence on road risk, along with coping strategies to manage these risks.

An eco-style of driving will be developed. By putting into practice these techniques your driver will work towards reducing vehicle wear and tear, servicing costs and help to maintain residual fleet values.  Eco-driving techniques will also help to increase their miles per gallon (MPG) helping your company to save money. 

At the conclusion of the programme drivers are given a copy of the session record completed by their trainer which reinforces the verbal feedback given and provides recommendations and comments for further improvement.

Please note a visual driving licence check has limited value. Only a licence check using DVLA records can provide accurate information about the status of an employee's driving licence.

Click here for more information about the licence checking service we offer as part of our comprehensive on line package

Review and Report

Feedback is given throughout the course. Drivers are also encouraged to develop their self-awareness and self-reflection to review their own performance. By evaluating their own performance they are better placed to come up with their own solutions to manage any developmental areas they have identified.

Self- awareness and self-evaluation are key performance enhancing skills which allow an individual to develop and grow. Within the driving environment, the driver identifies areas of risk, understands this risk within the driving task and takes responsibility to improve. 

The trainer will prepare a report which will compare the performance of your driver before and after training. Particularly useful if the delegate has already been identified as a high risk driver and there is a need to evidence that associated driving behaviours have been addressed or an opportunity provided for the driver to reduce their occupational road risk.

This report will include a final risk grading of low, medium or high. It will also include an initial assessment of your driver, identify what has been achieved post coaching, include an action plan for further development and further training recommendations. Our reports now include a colour coded scoring template which makes it even easier to identify any areas of risk.

This report is an integral part of managing your occupational road risk. It should be used by company managers and supervisors as part of an ongoing risk management programme. 

The report will be forwarded via email to the designated point of contact within ten working days following course completion.

If you are not sure how to use the report our fleet consultancy service maybe of interest to you.

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* Available throughout the UK mainland. Additional costs may be charged for mileage and/or overnight accommodation.