All learner driving lessons delivered by Celtic Driver Training are subject to the following terms and conditions

You must have a valid provisional driving licence before you start to learn to drive. You agree to share your driving licence details with me using the DVLA on line checking service. Before your first driving lesson you agree to create a check code which will be used to verify that you have a valid provisional driving licence.  If you are not able to provide me with this code at least 48 hours before your first lesson, your lesson will be cancelled and not re-booked until the code has been provided. Click here for further information.

You must immediately tell me if your driving licence is revoked or suspended for any reason. You must not drive knowing your driving licence has been revoked or suspended.

If your licence is revoked or suspended you will not be permitted to drive my vehicle.

You agree to tell me if you become aware of any reason why you should not drive on a public road. For example, if you become aware of any medical condition or  illness, change in eye sight or medication which may affect your ability to drive.  Click here for more information about medical conditions which you must notify to DVLA.

I reserve the right to cancel your driving lesson if I suspect you are intoxicated due to alcohol/drugs or impaired through medication. In the case of suspected impairment through alcohol or drugs not only will I terminate the driving lesson but you will also be charged the lesson price. I will also cancel all further lessons. 

Lesson Prices 

Standard lesson price £28 per hour. Lessons are for a minimum of 2 hours. Therefore, a two hour lesson at the standard price will be charged at £56 paid for in advance.

Block of 10 hours pre paid price £260. Equivalent to £26 per hour. Lessons are a minimum of 2 hours. Therefore, a two hour lesson at the 10 hours pre paid price will be charged at £52. A saving of £20 over a course of 10 hours.

Cancellation Policy


If I cancel your lesson within 48 hours before the start of the lesson time, for example due to illness, I will credit you with the duration of the lesson i.e. your next booked lesson will be free of charge. There will not be any money alternative or cash refund.

However, if I cancel your driving lesson due to circumstances beyond my control, for example bad weather, such as storms or snow, or the mechanical failure of my training car or any other unforeseen circumstance the lesson will only be rebooked. There will not be any lesson credit even if the lesson is cancelled within 48 hours of the start of the lesson. 

It is your responsibility to check times and dates of your lessons.

Why will you be charged if you cancel your lesson? What would you say to your employer if you turned up for work and you were told you were not required and would not be paid? How would you feel if you received a phone call the night before you were due to work telling you were not required and would not be paid? I have bills to pay just like everyone else and rely upon a regular income.

Practical Test

Standard lesson Price: Your use of my driving school car for your practical driving test will be charged at £28 per hour with a minimum booking of 2 hours = £56. This fee must be paid in advance.

Pre paid 10 hour block bookings: Your use of my driving school car for your practical driving test will be charged at £26 per hour with a minimum booking of 2 hours = £52. This fee must be paid in advance.

Any money you owe to me prior to your driving test must be paid to me in full before attending for your driving test or I will withhold the use of my car.

IMPORTANT: My driving school car is not a hire car. I reserve the right to withhold the use of my driving school car for practical test, if in my opinion, you are not ready to take the driving test. The latter is not subject to negotiation

Learners presenting for the driving test who are not properly prepared present a risk to the examiners and other road users.

I will not present a learner who is not ready for the practical test. You can of course take your driving test in another vehicle.

Practical Test Cancellation

In the event of the driving school car being unavailable on the day of the practical driving test for reasons of illness on my part, mechanical failure or any other reason, I will refund test fees incurred by you in full. I will not be liable for any other incidental costs how so ever caused or incurred by you, such as, but not limited to, you taking time off work.

In the event of the practical test being cancelled by the Driving Vehicle Standards Agency, you will usually receive an email. In such a case your test will usually be rebooked by the DVSA at no additional cost to you. Please note that lessons booked on the day and use of my driving school car will still be subject to the 48 hours late notice cancellation fee and will require payment. Click here for more information about applying for a refund following cancellation of a driving test.

In the event of bad weather on your test day you are advised to call your DVSA test centre. 

Complaints Procedure

Please bring to my notice any complaints that you may have and I will do my best to address them. In the event of you not being satisfied of the outcome you can contact the local trading standards office or the citizen advice bureau. You can also contact the registrar of approved driving instructors who may consider your complaint. Details of how to contact them can be found on the internet.

Privacy Policy

I may store in electronic form or in hard copy any information you provide me with which is necessary for the effective administration of the business. For example, any correspondence or communications concerned with the services we provide.

Driver records, risk assessments, driving reports and trainer notes are kept which may include personal details such as names, addresses and contact numbers along with details of driving licence numbers, times, dates, location of training and names of customers, companies and delegates.

Whilst information may be shared within the company for the purposes of the business, no information will be given to any third party, with the exception of fulfilling any legal obligation, unless at the request of the client and with the agreement of the company.

Generally by providing data and information to the company you consent to the company using that data for the purpose of the business.

Clients under the age of 18 years are required to bring these terms and conditions to the attention of their parents/guardians who will be asked to counter sign the Terms and Conditions document to indicate they have read and accepted these terms and conditions.

I would recommend learners sharing these terms and conditions with their parents/carers to avoid any misunderstanding.

I reserve the right to change lessons prices and terms and conditions at any time.