Celtic Driver Training Privacy Policy

This privacy notice provides you with information about how we collect and use your information.

Contact Details

Name of Company Celtic Driver Training Limited

Email address         admin@celticdrivertraining.co

Postal address       Thornbank, 38 Moorgate Road, Rotherham, South Yorkshire,

                               S60 2AG

Telephone              07813 824125 


What information is being collected?

Personal data is collected which includes information which is capable of identifying an individual. For example, your name, postal address, email address and telephone number.

This data will be collected in a variety of ways. For example, when you submit an online enquiry form using our website.

Other examples of information we may collect include driver training records, risk assessments, driving reports and trainer notes. Including personal details such as name, postal address, email address and contact numbers. Registration  numbers of vehicles used to deliver training. Date of birth and details of driving licence numbers. Times, dates, location of training. Names and addresses of companies contact managers and delegates. Emails and texts. Payment history and transaction dates although we do not collect your back details. Dates of theory tests, driving tests, post test courses.

We may also ask you for a code to access your driving licence details on line using the DVLA checking service to make sure you are entitled to drive. In the case of fleet training courses to confirm a valid driving license for the types of vehicle being used at work and driver history such as penalty points.

Whilst the above examples are not exhaustive, the information we collect is necessary to allow us to function as a business and to meet any legal obligations we may have. For example, we need to know who our customers are and how to contact you. We also need to know you are entitled to drive.

Information about how you use our website and any on line services is also collected to allow us to effectively administer our website and business. For example, website page views, times visited and your geographical area. This data is collected by analytics tracking such as google analytics and the built in systems provided by our website provider. This information is required for the purposes of running the business. For example, identifying which web pages provide relevant customer information and which pages may need further development to provide the information customers want.

We may store in electronic form or in hard copy any information you provide us with which is necessary for the effective administration of the business. For example, any correspondence or communications concerned with the services we provide.

What do we do with your information?

The information you provide us with will be used to help us to provide the services you have requested from us. For example, as a business we need to know who our customers are and who we are providing services to. We will use your information to help us to deliver the services you have purchased from us.

Who it will be shared with?

Whilst information will be shared within the company for the purposes of the business, no information will be given to any third party unless there is a legitimate reason to do. For example, we will not sell your details to other companies for the purposes of marketing. However, there will be times when we may share your information. For example, because of a legal obligation, at your request or because of a business need to do so. We have tried to provide some examples below of circumstances when we may share your information. Please note these examples are not exhaustive.

  • Information will be shared when there is a business requirement to share such information. For example, sharing driver training and risk assessments with employers about their employees following fleet training. Providing client details to trainers delivering courses. Information required to enter into and fulfil contractual obligations. Information we need to share to run the business for the purpose of the business.

  • Information will be shared where there is legal obligation to do so. For example, providing the details of a driver when required to do so by the Police or an insurance company following a claim. Information may also be shared with our professional advisors such as lawyers, insurers or any government body that require us to provide information such as HMRC.

  • Customers may be offered access to third party services which enhance their training experience and/or add value. Third party applications will have their own privacy policies, terms and conditions for using their products which you need to read and satisfy yourself that they meet your needs and requirements. We take reasonable steps to make sure that the services we use or recommend from third parties are provided by reputable organisations, such as Roadmarque. We take reasonable steps to make sure that links from our website are to genuine and relevant organisations. For example, Rospa, Brake, government information and other sources of road safety information.

We do not sell on any customer details.

Who is collecting it?

Alistair Stuart, in the course of the business, is collecting personal information.

How is it collected?

Customers being asked for their name, postal address, email address, contact telephone number, date of birth and driving licence details prior to services being provided. Information which is emailed, sent by text or from telephone conversations.

Information which you provide to us. For example, when you email, phone, text us for information about training courses or complete an online enquiry form.

When you visit our website or use any of our resources, activities or services we may make available on our site.

When you send us information through one of our contact forms we will use the information only to fulfil your request. For example, contacting you with further information.

Why is it being collected?

This information is needed. For example, to run the business, to provide driver training courses and to fulfil legal obligations.

In Car Cameras

In car cameras maybe used. These cameras may face forward, be rear and/or internally facing. They may record pictures and sound.

If cameras are being used then you will be told where they are located and if they are recording pictures and sound.

Cameras maybe used for the security of the car. For example, to record the conduct of other road users. They maybe used to assist training. For example, to playback a recording to be used as a learning opportunity.

Whilst recordings of incidents will be kept for the purpose of any insurance claims, to defend or bring civil action or if required to assist the police, if the company is not aware of any incident or reason to keep recordings then day to day recordings will be recorded over as the camera recording system uses a continual loop.

No recordings of client's lessons/driver training will be posted by the company on social media unless with the knowledge and consent of the customer.

Opt in.

You must consent to provide us with your personal details.

Security of Information.

Information may be stored on computers which are password protected. All computers used in the course of the business which hold personal information have software updated regularly and have up to date anti-virus protection.

Hard copy records which may contain personal information, such as training progress reports, will be locked in the boot of my vehicle if my vehicle is left unattended during training. For example, during a comfort break. Only records being using during the working day, in the course of the business, will be taken in car. For example, clients training records for driver training that day. Paper records created for the purpose of training or during the course of training containing personal information and which are required to be retained will be scanned and the original hard copies shredded.  For example, disclaimer notices, in car training forms which may include the driver’s personal details.

Access to Information.

You can have access to the personal information we hold about you free of charge. Please contact Alistair Stuart to arrange disclosure.

Deletion of Personal Information.

Personal information will be kept for up to 6 years to allow us to fulfil any legal obligations we may have. For example, records kept for the purposes of HMRC taxation. Information kept to defend or bring a civil action. Information kept in respect of contractual obligations between the business and our clients.

Examples of how this information may be retained could include, but not limited to, emails, texts, customer records, payment records and reports.

After 3 three years client’s training records will be deleted or shredded.

Website Cookies.

Data is collected which provides the company with information about how the website is being used. For example, which pages have been viewed and when.

Information about the geographical locations of users is also available to us which shows us in which town or country users are located. This analytical information is provided by the website provider and by using third parties such as Google Analytics. Cookies can be removed by you going to your computer privacy settings.

Our site may use cookies which are used to enhance the user experience. We may also collect data when you use our site. For example, the type of browser you are using, operating systems, the pages you visit and your geographical location. You may choose to set your browsers to refuse cookies.

This information is needed for a business purpose. For example, knowing in which geographical areas potential customers are located, which web pages are being viewed and which pages may need to be amended to provide more relevant and customer focused content.

Social Media

We may use social media to provide updates about the services we provide. We may ask you for permission to use your images/photographs. For example, we may ask permission to take your photograph, use your company logo or provide a message or testimonials on our social media pages and/or company website. We may also take videos to upload on our social media pages and company website which may include your images and voice. We will only use your images with your full knowledge and permission. We will delete any images we have taken if you ask us to unless there is a legal obligation not to. We will delete any of your images we have used on social media and our company website if you ask us to. However, please be aware, this may not mean that these images will have been deleted in totality because of the way social media and the online web works with sharing images, copying and having access to images.

Third party websites

We may provide links to other sites. For example, to other road safety organisations or government statistics and information. We may also provide links on our website to social media providers. We do not control these third party sites and are not responsible for their content or their practices.  These sites will have their own privacy and customer service policies. 

Using any of the links on our website to other websites is at your own risk.

Complaints about how we collect and use your personal information.

You can contact Alistair Stuart using the information at the head of this policy for any enquiries about how we collect and use information or to make a complaint.  You can also contact the Information Commissioner’s Office to make a complaint.

Please not that we have tried to include examples of the type of information we may collect and how this information may be used. However, this list will not be exhaustive. If you have any questions please contact Alistair Stuart.


Alistair Stuart

21.5.2018  (Updated 5.6.18, 12.10.18)