I am an experienced driver trainer and started delivering presentations in 2015. I am passionate about road safety, enthusiastic and eager to get involved. 

Previous projects include delivering interactive presentations to raise road safety awareness of 15 - 16 year old students. Presentations for  14-15 year old students on passenger safety and a workshop focusing on the theory test for learner drivers delivered to local college students aged 17 years plus. Audience size ranging from 20 to over 100 students. 

I prefer to work with classroom size/smaller groups with age ranges from 14-15 years plus with workshops/presentations lasting from between 1 to 2 hours.

My main interests are in raising awareness of new and inexperienced drivers, riders, passengers and pedestrians by focusing on behaviours around:

·         Speeding, inappropriate use of speed and consequences

·         Distractions such as mobile phones

·         Carrying passengers and how to be a safe passenger

·         Negative and positive peer pressure, safe decision making and options

·         Alcohol, drugs, medication, fatigue, emotional states and fitness to drive

·         Use of seat belts

·         Journey planning, route, time of journey, duration of journey, rest breaks and purpose of journey

·         Sustainable travel alternatives

Road safety presentations and workshops can be delivered in South Yorkshire and Lincolnshire (around Lincoln). 

I do not provide training outside a classroom environment.

Contact Alistair Stuart on 07813 824125 for more information or submit the form below.

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