Celtic Driver Training Pass Plus

Now you have passed your driving test you have the freedom to go where you like and when. However, passing your test is only the start of your learning journey.

For example, when you were learning to driver you were not allowed on motorways. Perhaps your driving lessons did not include a lot of time driving on country roads.

Pass plus is an opportunity for you to develop your driving skills in a safe and supportive environment. The course is broken down into six modules with a minimum duration of six hours to complete the course.

There is no driving test as assessment is ongoing throughout the course. On successful completion you will receive a certificate of completion from the Driver & Vehicle Standards Agency.

Whilst you may be able to get a discount on your car insurance I would advise you to research if your current or proposed provider offers you such a discount. Not all insurance providers offer discounts for completing a Pass Plus course.

Pass Plus is not compulsory. However, I believe completing the course provides an opportunity to develop skills such as observation and anticipation. As well as providing you with a safe learning environment to drive on motorways for the first time or to experience driving along country roads.

I have a very strong advanced driving background which you will benefit from.


The Course Modules

Module 1: Town Driving

Focus is upon developing your observational and anticipation skills. Considering and dealing with vulnerable road users. Developing your spatial awareness and dealing with different types of road layouts found in urban environments.

Module 2: All – Weather Driving

We will focus upon making sure we can see and be seen. Explore the causes of skidding and what we can do to reduce this risk. We will also develop greater awareness of speed and stopping distances.

Module 3: Out of Town Driving & Rural Roads

We will explore the different types of hazards found on rural roads. Overtaking and making safe progress.  The observational and anticipation skills developed during Module 1 will be further developed within the context of countryside driving.

Module 4: Night Driving

This module looks at vehicle lighting and use. Speed and stopping distances are further developed from module 2 to include the additional risk of driving at night. Visibility is further developed and we will consider safe parking at night.

Module 5: Dual Carriageways

Learn how to enter and leave safely. We will also continue to develop your forward planning and observations. Safe over taking and lane changing.

Module 6: Motorways

We will practice joining and leaving. Forward planning and observations will continue to be developed. Overtaking slower vehicles. What to do following a breakdown.  How to use smart motorways and variable speed limits.


·         The course is delivered using my vehicle which is an automatic

·         Pass Plus is only available in the Rotherham area

·         The cost is £168 for the full 6 hour course

·         The course is delivered in 3 x 2 hour sessions


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