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At its most basic, a risk assessment looks at the potential level of risk your driver poses to other road users. The risk assessment will assess if the driver has the skills and ability to drive safely. For example, do they follow the highway code, can they deal safely with other road users, turn left and right, use roundabouts, overtake safely, can they monitor and prioritise hazards effectively, do they speed and so on. A risk assessment may also consider behavioural factors such as driver aggression, how they react to other road users, deal with conflict, driver excitement and risk taking, managing fatigue, use of mobile phones, distractions and so on.

On road risk assessments are an effective way of identifying your driver's occupational road risk. This is because the driver will often revert to type and demonstrate their normal driving style and behaviour. This is especially true for longer assessments when the driver has more time to settle down into the drive and 'relax' into their normal driving behaviour. An on road assessment can provide a useful insight into the driver's skills, behaviours and risk.

Managers are encouraged to participate in the programmes we offer because without first hand experience how can the quality and worth of the training you are investing in be evaluated.

The foundation of any effective approach to managing risk is understanding the risk. To understand risk you need to identify the risks affecting your company or organisation and then do something about it.

Risk assessments are a very good starting point.

Celtic Driver Training offers On Road Driver Risk Assessments which are completed in the driver's own car or van. Drivers are taken out for assessment individually. Each assessment lasts for a minimum of 90 minutes.

Following trainer introductions, an eyesight and visual driving licence check is made. At this point you can include vehicle safety checks which provide information about what should be checked, how and when to ensure vehicles remain road worthy. The consequences for failing to make these checks are highlighted. Vehicle checks are made relevant to your drivers because the information given will be tailored to their needs and experience and can include demonstrations if required subject to weather and light conditions.

Each driver is then invited to drive in their normal style. During the assessment feedback is given which highlights any high risk or unacceptable driving behaviour. Coaching techniques are used to help your drivers address any developmental areas. Not only will drivers know what skills/behaviours they need to address, but will will have been given an opportunity to development them. A copy of the session record used will be given to your driver which will highlight any high risk or developmental areas and provide brief action plan to help the driver to improve. 

I will prepare a report  which provides a risk assessment grade for the driver, records any areas requiring further development, reinforces the verbal feedback already provided to the driver and provides recommendations and comments for further improvement. This report is emailed to you within 48 hours.

I will be available to discuss the content of the report and also to assist and advise you if any further training is required.

The benefits

  • An effective way of identifying at risk drivers. Concentrate your resources on identifying the drivers who represent the greatest risk.

  • Your driver is given feedback which identifies any at risk driving behaviours, along with recommendations to improve their driving.

  • You have a written record of the risk assessment.

  • You can prioritise training interventions such as workshops or on road training for drivers who present the highest risk.

Following any risk assessment you have a responsibility to consider and act upon the information presented to you. 

Please note a visual driving licence check has limited value. Only a licence check using DVLA records can provide accurate information about the status of your employees' driving licence.

Click here for more information about on line licence checking. 

* Available throughout the UK mainland.

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