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When you were learning to drive you were not allowed on motorways.  This has always been bizarre at best because as soon as you passed your test you could drive on any motorway, in any car you wished, including high performance vehicles, at any time of the day or night. Whilst 2018 is set to see the introduction of learners being allowed on motorways with an Approved Driving Instructor, many existing full licence holders may never have driven on motorways. Some drivers may feel they would benefit from some extra support and practice in a safe learning environment to build up their confidence. 

Motorways are safe roads to use. They allow us to travel long distances and to make reasonable progress. However, because of the speed limit and amount of traffic they can be daunting. 

With the introduction of smart motorways and variable speed limits there are new rules to be aware of and put into practice.

This course is designed to give new drivers motorway experience and confidence or to give existing drivers the confidence to use motorways.

You will learn:

  • The rules of the road
  • How to enter and exit safely
  • How to safely change lanes
  • Develop your observational skills
  • What is a safe following distance and the importance of leaving a safe gap with vehicles in front
  • The advantages and disadvantages of driving at 70mph
  • Recognise your level of ability and build your confidence
  • Develop your understanding of what motivate you to drive on motorways and how to manage your risk

This course is suitable for anyone who has just passed their driving test or for experienced drivers wanting to build up their confidence.

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