Celtic Driver Training Experienced Drivers

As roads get busier and layouts change, sometimes it is good to spend a little time with an experienced driver trainer to brush up on any areas you would like to develop. For example, dealing with large roundabouts, rush hour traffic or just looking for any opportunities to make driving more enjoyable.

Perhaps you just one someone to assess your driving. Most of us will not have taken any form of driver training since passing our driving test.  Over the years it is easy to get into bad habits without realising.

This informal course is for you if you want some guidance about new roundabout layouts, practice motorway driving, drive routes you use on a regular basis, try out new routes or just to make sure you have not got into any bad habits. 

I can also assist you in preparing for any formal driving assessments you may have been invited to attend.

Whatever your needs, I can help you. 

 For more information contact Alistair Stuart on  07813 824125 or submit the form below for more information.

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