Celtic Driver Training Eco Efficient Course

Eco driving can save you money in reduced fuel bills and vehicle servicing. Techniques are easy to learn and when put into practice are effective.

The benefits of eco efficient driving are attractive.  It is a training investment which has the potential of repaying itself many times over.

However, there is even more good news! The reality is that eco efficient driving and risk management go hand in hand. For example, drivers who are aggressive, accelerate and brake harshly are not eco efficient.  Drivers who follow so closely to vehicles that they are constantly braking to avoid running into the car in front are not eco efficient. Drivers who constantly have to react to what is happening because they fail to anticipate risks are not eco efficient. They are also at greater risk of being involved in an accident.

However, by developing observational skills, anticipating what may happen and planning we move from being reactive to a proactive drivers. Proactive drivers come off the gas to slow, make rolling starts rather than standing starts, maintain a safe following distance and use acceleration sense.  These are defensive driving techniques which are also eco efficient. It is a win win situation.

Driver behaviours such as aggression and impatience are associated with driving styles which are not eco efficient. It therefore makes sense to address these behaviours which will in turn help to improve fuel efficiency by helping drivers to be smoother.

By following eco driving principles your company drivers will save you money on your fuel bills, reduce vehicle wear and tear and the amount of CO2 your vehicles produce.
— Alistair Stuart B.Combined Studies (Hons), LLB (Hons) Managing Director Celtic Driver Training

How will eco driving benefit your Organisation? 

When your drivers consistently implement the techniques they have been trained in:

  • Reduced fuel consumption and carbon emissions

  • Increased MPG saving you money

  • Reduced risk of being involved in vehicle accidents saving you money

  • Reduced vehicle wear and tear saving you money

  • Opportunities to demonstrate your commitment to the environment

Source: Energy Saving Trust


The Energy Saving Trust England web site contains a lot of excellent information about eco driving which will help you to save money. See their top tips for eco-driving which tells you how your company can save fuel and money.

Visit the Energy Saving Trust website.


“I believe that eco-driving can not only save you fuel but also reduce vehicle emissions into our environment. Can you afford not to have eco efficient driver training? What impact would a potential increase of 5 MPG per vehicle have on your fuel bills? How much money would eco training potentially save your company each year”
— Alistair Stuart B.Combined Studies (Hons), LLB (Hons) Managing Director Celtic Driver Training

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