Driver profiling and e-learning modules are an effective way for you to identify and manage high risk drivers. On line solutions can also be combined with the in car training sessions we offer to help you maximise your training investment.
— Alistair Stuart

On line risk assessments and e-learning modules are a cost effective way of identifying the drivers who represent the highest risk to your company.  You can then focus on these drivers using a blend of interventions such as e-learning, management conversations, workshops, presentations or on road driver training. 

Why is Roadmarque my service provider of choice?

Roadmarque is an organisation which specialises in providing flexible on line solutions to help you effectively manage your on road risk. They do not sell driver training. They are independent, objective and will not use the risk profiles they produce as a platform to sell you driver training courses.

Roadmarque has been developed since 2008. It helps to identify the prevalent risk factors for individuals and can make recommendations and interventions to help you to manage your on road risk.

It is important to understand that the risk profiling system you decide to use must be implemented as part of on ongoing programme of risk management. The information you harvest must be used to inform your decision making process and company policy. If you are going to collect data for data's sake to tick a health and safety box, then you are wasting your time, money and the opportunities you have to work safer and smarter.

Risk profiling works by using a mixture of facts, psychometric questions and tests which help to build a picture of a drivers risk. For example, age, gender and accident history could all be relevant to the overall risk exposure of the driver. High mileage alone is not an indicator of risk. Psychometric questions designed to explore the drivers beliefs, attitudes and provide an opportunity for self reflection and learning. 

The algorithms which underpin the Roadmarque system have been validated by continually comparing thousands of profiles and bench marking results. Not only does this mean that  you can compare results within your organisation, but you can also compare how you are doing measured against the performance of other organisations.

Roadmarque stands out in the flexibility it offers. Not only can you include questions about your own company policy but the system can grow as your company grows. For example, developing the scope of interventions you offer within the system, such as e learning modules, as your understanding of your company risk profile grows. Perhaps managing a specific risk you were previously unaware of. The staff at Roadmarque are able to advise and guide you to make sure that your investment is maximised.

Roadmarque provides:

  • Licence checks

  • Driver survey and risk profiles

  • Selection of aptitude tests

  • Include your company policy for drivers and included specific questions to test your driver's knowledge

  • Calculation of CO2 footprint

You could combine online solutions with Celtic Driver Training on road driver training packages for the complete risk management solution.

The benefits

  • A cost effective way of delivering training

  • Risk assessments can be delivered effectively to the whole of your organisation

  • Less down time away from your staff's core roles and responsibilities

  • Delivered on line

  • Can take less than 20 minutes to complete

  • Can be repeated at regular intervals to monitor any change of risk

  • Further interventions such as e-learning, workshops or on road training only for drivers who require further training

  • Driving licence checks using DVLA information

Roadmarque is a third party provider. Please refer to their terms and conditions.

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