Celtic Driver Training Confidence Building after an Accident

Confidence can often be reduced after an accident or a near miss and needs to be rebuilt. Some drivers may find that additional training after an accident may help them to build up their confidence, reduce the anxiety and stress they may be experiencing during driving.

The value and benefits of additional driver training is being recognised by many insurers as a way of helping their clients get back to driving. Having the confidence to be able to effectively anticipate what may happen next and then being able to manage this risk before anything happens is a powerful confidence builder, giving you back control of your driving. 

However, traditional advanced driving courses tend to focus on working towards the standards required to pass an advanced test. For example, making maximum safe progress, looking for overtakes, limit point analysis for cornering, which are all interesting subjects for a driver wanting to pass an advanced test but may cause anxiety and pressure to a driver involved in an accident who wants to build up their confidence. In this situation being told to constantly speed up and overtake may not be helpful.

“Having the confidence to be able to effectively anticipate what may happen next and then being able to manage this risk before anything happens is a powerful confidence builder, giving you back control of your driving.
— Alistair Stuart

I offer advanced courses which will help you build your confidence. The course content will be bespoke to meet your needs. For example, if your accident happened on a route you regularly used to go to work you may now be reluctant to drive this route. This can impact on your quality of life, not only because of the stress and anxiety caused, but you may be having to add many miles and travelling time onto your journey as you use alternative routes. Perhaps I can help you to develop advanced driving techniques which will build up your confidence so that you feel more able to drive on routes you used to before.

Advanced driver training will help you to:

  • Develop observations by using scanning techniques to look for potential risks further ahead of us. We will also develop our awareness of other road users around us. Look for and prioritise risks. 
  • Develop anticipation by using the information we have gathered from making effective observations to work out what may happen next. Thinking about the ‘what if’.  For example, why are cars braking ahead of me? Is that pedestrian going to cross the road?  Are the lights going to change to red?  Is that car going to go through a red traffic light?
  • Create more time and space to manage the risks we have anticipated to prevent situations from developing into danger. For example, seeing a pedestrian looking over their right shoulder well ahead of us, we anticipate they are going to cross the road. We recognise they should look before they cross but they may not. We watch them. We start to slow our vehicle and move more towards the centre of the road just in case they step out. If they step out we gently brake to bring our vehicle to a halt, or as they get closer to the kerb we tap the horn to warn them of our presence, or we watch them as they stop on the kerb and look over towards us and we continue to drive on. Contrast any of these outcomes to either not seeing them and not anticipating they are going to cross the road and having to make an emergency stop.
  • Develop self-awareness and understanding of how our thoughts, feelings, beliefs and attitudes influence our driving behaviour and the choices we make when we are driving.
  • Think about what copping strategies we can use to help us deal with on road situations we may find difficult which cause stress and anxiety.

We will agree your goals and learning outcomes. 

My role is to help you to achieve the goals you have identified. The techniques I will use are based around coaching and are designed to support your learning and development. Learning is at your pace.

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