All training is delivered as per my company terms and conditions, using your vehicle from your office/training venue. I will not attend an employees home address.

Course fees for The Driver Programme, On Road Risk Assessments and Eco Driver Training are £299 per day.

Presentations and workshops may incur higher rates depending upon the audience, level of preparation required and duration.

A training day is between 9 am to 5 pm or 8 am to 4 pm. Within this time half an hour will be taken by me for a meal break. Other start and finish times may be arranged by prior consultation.

Additional Costs

The first 50 miles of travelling time is included in the standard course fee. However, after the first 50 miles, an additional cost of £0.20 pence per mile will be charged. All distances are worked out using the RAC Route planner from my company address. For example, for a total distance of 100 miles travelled the additional cost would be worked out using the following formula: 100 miles minus the first 50 miles = 50 miles @ £0.20 pence per mile. 50 x 0.20 = 10. The additional cost would therefore be £10.

If my total travel time to the training venue exceeds 5 hours i.e two and half hours there and two and half hours back, an additional charge for an over night stay may be made. Travelling time will be worked out using the RAC Route planner and will be based upon travel from and back to my company address.

Congestion, emission zone and similar charges will incur additional costs, at cost, above the daily flat rate.

Please note that I require on site parking due to slight mobility issues.

Half Day Courses

I will consider delivering half day courses. However, the cost for a 4 hour training session will be £199 to reflect the potential loss of a full days training fee. Additional costs may also apply.

ALL TRAINING IS SUBJECT TO OUR TERMS AND CONDITIONS. Click here for further information.

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