You Get One Chance

A few days ago there was a fatal collision on the A1 involving a car driving along the wrong way of the carriageway.

My brother in law avoided a head on collision with this vehicle on his way back from work.

Now honestly ask yourself:

Would I have seen the other vehicle coming towards me?

For those of you jumping up and down and exclaiming yes…would you really?

Where do you look when you are driving?

How far ahead are you looking?

Do you effectively scan the road?

What are you looking for?

Are you concentrating on driving or are you on automatic pilot?

Using hands free or singing along to the radio?

Thinking about everything and anything but driving?

Driving tired…….would you have noticed the other car until it was too late?

You get one chance!

It is not just driving. Driving is probably the most dangerous activity most of us will ever do and we yet take it for granted everyday.

Respect brother in law…Well done!