What do you see?

When you are driving have you ever thought about what you are actually seeing?

What are you looking at, where are you looking, when are you looking, who are you looking at, why are you looking and how are you looking?

To be safe we need to be able to see what is happening all around us and not just directly in front of us.

Practice moving your head and eyes to look proactively at what is happening all around you. Get involved in the looking process and do not just sit there gazing at the number place of the car in front.

Practice looking and seeing what is happening well into the far distance, not just what is happening in front of you.

The more you look, by extending your vision, the more you will start to notice potential risks which you can then start to manage before they become a problem. For example, in the distance you notice brake lights and a car comes to a halt. We anticipate the driver’s door may open and that there is a risk the driver will not have looked before opening the door. Having already seen the potential danger and anticipated what could happen you slow and move out to create more time and space just in case.  However, what if you did not notice the brake lights, the car parking and the door opens just as you are passing?

Next time you are driving practice looking and seeing. You may find it useful to describe out aloud what you are seeing.