What are your aims and objectives?

What are your aims and objectives?

Fleet trainers need to be able to meet your aims and objectives. 

However, do you know what your aims and objectives are? What factors have you considered when setting them?

Have you considered what experience your fleet trainer has? For example, how well qualified are they? What advanced driving background have they got? Are they experts in the vehicle types they are going to provide training in?

How are you going to identify which drivers you are going to train? Will you provide training for all drivers or focus on drivers with an accident history? What type of accident history or accident patterns will you consider as relevant? Over what period of time?

Have you thought about how the training will be delivered? For example, in car training, workshop or presentation based. Which method will be most cost effective or beneficial to meet your requirements?

What are you going to do with the information from risk assessments or driver training reports? How are you going to actually use this information?

How are you going to make sure that your drivers and managers know and understand what your road safety policies and procedures are? How do you communicate a safety culture to your staff?

What are you going to do when things go wrong? How will you investigate incidents and near misses? How will you implement new control measures to prevent other incidents or near misses?

Fleet training can be an effective safety investment to reduce risk if you have clear aims and objectives.