Reported Road Casualties in Great Britain 2016

Reported road casualties in Great Britain: 2016 annual report shows there were 1, 792 reported road deaths in 2016, an increase of 4 per cent compared with 2015. This is the highest annual total since 2011.

There were 44 per cent fewer fatalities in 2016 compared with 2006.

  • There were 24, 101 people seriously injured in reported road traffic accidents in 2016. However, comparisons of this figure with earlier years should be interpreted with caution due to changes in the way some police forces report severity. 
  • There were 181, 384 casualties of all severities in 2016, down by 3 per cent from 2015. The lowest level on record.
  • Motor traffic levels rose by 2.2 per cent between 2015 and 2016.

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