Positive Peer Pressure

Positive Peer Pressure

Most of the time we tend to focus upon negatives. For example, the media cover accidents and highlight the indiscretions of some drivers. There appears to be very little positive news stories about road users.

Have you ever thought about how you can positively influence others and help to improve road safety?

The examples you set are watched by others although we may not always realise the influence we have. Not using mobile phones, not speeding and not drink diving are all topical. However, what about setting an example to others by using effective time and journey planning? Setting off earlier and planning your route to reduce the risk of delays. Time pressures can cause risk taking. By avoiding time pressure we reduce our risk and the risk to others.

If you are a manager and employ drivers have you thought how you can help reduce their time pressure? Do you have realistic time schedules? Do you make sure your drivers have time to get to where they are going without the need to speed or take risks? Have you ever sat down with your drivers and shown them how to route plan or discussed the risks time pressure can create and how to effectively manage this risk?

“What you say and do can influence the safety of others.”