Number of Drivers in Scotland Using Mobile Phones is Up

The latest research by Transport Scotland, which recorded the behaviour of over 14,000 drivers in Scotland in 2017, found that mobile phone use in free-flowing traffic has increased from 1.6% of drivers in 2014 to 2% and from 1.7% in 2014 to 2.5% at stationary (traffic light controlled junction) sites.

However, the research found that hand-held use of mobiles for things like texting has remained static for car drivers and decreased for drivers of ‘other vehicles’ (vans, lorries, buses, coaches, and mini-buses).

Younger drivers (17-29) were more likely to be observed using a mobile phone than those in older age groups, with young men being the category of drivers observed with the highest mobile phone usage (5.9%).

How often do you notice drivers with their mobile phones to their ears?

“Aside from mental distraction, any distraction that takes a driver’s eyes or hands off the road for any length of time (for example to check messages or scroll through music options) is potentially lethal. At 70mph a vehicle travels 31.5m (about the length of seven cars) every second.” Source: Brake

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