Mobile Phone Use When Driving

Mobile Phone Use When Driving

Looks like the penalty for using a mobile phone whilst driving is going up to a £200 fixed penalty and 6 penalty points in March 2017.

The use of mobile phones has been against the law for several years. However, some drivers choose to ignore this. 

Why do some drivers believe the law does not apply to them?

Each year people are killed as a result of the distraction caused when drivers use their mobile phone whilst driving.  Whilst no law abiding person would go out to deliberately kill another human being, the reality is it happens every year as a direct result of a choice made by a driver to take a phone call.

The, “I thought it would never happen to me” is not an excuse. Saying sorry is too late.

There is lots of evidence which proves drivers are at greater risk of being involved in an incident if they are using their mobile phone.

Whist using hands free is not illegal it is still a distraction.  So why do it? 

With more and more connectivity in our cars we get use to using technology on a daily basis and expect to be connected to the world and our social networks. However, is it worth the risk of being involved in a collision? Is any phone call, text or social media update really that important?

For those of us who use hands free think about the need to always be in control of your vehicle. For managers who allow their drivers to use hands free be aware of the increased accident risk caused by distraction and the consequences.

Have you ever missed your turning or have you ever thought to yourself I don’t remember the last ten minutes of my journey when you have been using hands free?

DISTRACTION CAN KILL. Be in control and stay in control.

Highway Code Rules 97 switch off your mobile, 148, 149 and 150

Using mobile phones when driving

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