Waiting for autonomous cars?

There is no doubt that autonomous vehicles will eventually become the norm. However, when do you think there will be a realistic offering of autonomous vehicles which will allow you to replace your existing fleet?

Despite the media coverage I believe we are many years away from seeing this technology being introduced in any meaningful way.

Firstly, think about the recent media coverage of hacking to put this into perspective. If governments cannot keep their existing IT systems safe then what chance have car manufacturers of making sure that autonomous technology cannot be hacked into or modified? Also, what happens when the technology goes wrong? Who takes over? The person sat in the driving seat reading their newspaper or eating their breakfast? What driver training will they have been given? Will they be required to be full license holders who are always required to be on standby in case the on board computers come across a situation they have not been programmed for or cannot cope with? How would a driver know the technology has a problem until the very last minute when it is already too late? Also, any new technology tends to be expensive.

Whilst I can see the benefits of autonomous technology I am more persuaded at this time by how technology can be used to assist drivers. For example, the use of radar to prevent collisions, speed limit recognition, autonomous braking systems, cameras, sensors and so on which could have a positive impact on reducing accidents.  

The replacement of human drivers is a long way off. Are you are willing to wait for the introduction of approved autonomous technology which may take many more years to develop, test and market as affordable fleet options.

Perhaps another option is to explore how driver training can save you money now.  What about exploring existing technology such as electric or hybrid vehicles, telematics, collision avoidance systems and informed vehicle selection.

The future is now. Make the most of the opportunities you already have by using the technology which is already available and which could make a difference to accident and causality reduction and save you money.