Have you considered what you can do to support your disabled drivers?

How many organisations consider the specific needs of their disabled drivers? How many organisations know what help is available to support drivers who may have additional needs.

Have you ever considered how important the selection of a company car is for an individual with disability? For example, how easy is the vehicle for someone to get into who has mobility problems? Have you considered adaptations which could be as simple as a cushion to provide lower back support or raise the driver’s height? Have you asked your drivers for their input?

How disability friendly are your policies and procedures? Have you ever considered how tasks which take you a given time to complete may take a disabled person longer? What about pain and fatigue management and how these affect the driving task?

Disability should not limit the productivity of your employees. Whilst responsible employers already make reasonable adjustments in the work place have you ever considered what adjustments you can make to support all of your staff who have to drive as part of their work above and beyond providing a company car?

What can you do to help and support all of your staff?