Hand Held Mobile Phone Use Whilst Driving

Following analysis of the consultation responses, the Department for Transport has decided to proceed with the following proposals:

·         raise the fixed penalty points issued under a fixed penalty notice for this offence from 3 to 6 for all drivers

·         raise the fixed penalty notice fine from £100 to £200 for all motor vehicles

Have a read through the two reports I have attached from the official government web site. Click here.

Evidence suggests that the use of a hand-held mobile phone whilst driving was a contributory factor in 21 fatal accidents (1%) and 84 serious accidents (0.5%) in 2014 and there is a strong indication that this was under reported.

Use of a hand-held mobile phone device while driving has been illegal since 2003.

So why do so any drivers still use handheld mobile phones?

How many drivers can you spot with a mobile phone up to their ear next time you go out and about?

For those drivers who use their mobile or hands free technology:

·         When did you last miss a turning whilst having phone conversation

·         Ever experienced the, “I can’t remember the last ten minutes of my journey” following a phone conversation?

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