Fleet Management Assessing the Risks

Organisations have an obligation to put in place systems to effectively manage risk, including activities such as driving for work.

A common sense approach to risk management identifies:

·         The risks involved in driving for work

·         The control methods which will be used to manage these risks

·         Effective communication to provide information and training to staff


·         Assess the risks

·         Policies to manage these risks

·         Clear roles and responsibilities


·         Prioritise risks

·         Consult and involve your employees

·         Learn from near misses

·         Provide training and support

·         Implement systems and process which manage these risks

·         Have clear accountability and responsibility. Make sure everyone knows what they are expected to do.


·         Monitor and review

·         Encourage reporting of incidents

·         Encourage suggestion schemes to improve ways of working safely


·         To improve safety

·         Implement new ideas

·         Be proactive and dynamic