Driving in the Snow?

Before you go out in the snow ask yourself do you really need to drive.

Driving in the snow increases your risk of being involved in an accident. For example, even in a 4x4 vehicle you can still slide on ice and compacted snow. In a 4x4 you still will not be able to get anywhere if the vehicles in front are blocking the road.

If you do have an accident how will it affect your car insurance when you come to renew next year? Even a minor contact with another vehicle can cost hundreds of pounds to repair, potentially put up your insurance premium on renewal and create lots of stress and hassle as you sort things out with your insurance and arrange for the collection and drop off of replacement cars when yours is being repaired. Even if the accident is not your fault will you need to take time off work to sort things out? 

What about going out and getting stuck? The national news coverage has been showing motorists stranded in their cars. What about if you have a young family with you or you need medication? Is the risk really worth taking? What about the risk you create for other people who have to go looking for you?

Will your employer hold you in greater esteem for getting to work, give you a bonus and forever award you heroic status?  I don't think so. Will the world stop if you stay at home and stay safe? No. For most of us the reality is that our jobs are not so important. Keep the roads clear for those who really need to get to work.

Seriously think before driving. It is easy to get into trouble very quickly. Even if you are the best driver in the world, other drivers can still cause you problems. Problems which ultimately you will have to put right. 

Make sensible choices and stay safe.