Do You Deliver Excellent Customer Service?

Do you deliver excellent customer service? What sets you apart from your competitors?

Every four years driving instructors have to renew their Certificates of Registration (training license). Unfortunately for me, July 2017 is my renewal date.

Prior to renewing we have to apply for an enhanced disclosure and barring certificate (criminal records check). When the certificate arrives we can then complete the renewal process on line.

Now the Driving and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVLA) who are responsible for managing the register of driving instructors have been the focus of a lot of frustration for some driving instructors over the last couple of years. For example, the long waiting times for driving tests throughout the UK and more recently the new driving test format and changes to the driving instructor ADI Part 3 test which are going to be implemented later this year.

However, their renewal service is excellent. A matter of days after applying for my disclosure and barring check the certificate arrived through my door. Yesterday evening I went on line to renew my driving instructor licences. Because I have a paper driving licence I was expecting to have to post two passport sized photographs in the next couple of days to the DVLA to complete the process. Also, the website states DVLA aim to process applications within ten days.

This morning at 8.30 am I received a phone call from DVLA asking me if I would like them to use my existing photos for my ADI and Fleet renewals. Also, the person I was speaking with confirmed they would process my renewal and post my new licences today.

Excellent customer service. Well done DVSA.