Children in Cars with no Restraints

Today I was out and about when I looked in my rear mirror and noticed a passenger in the back of a car holding a baby in her arms. This got me thinking…..

Try this out:

Next time you are in a car park go to the far end where there are no other vehicles or pedestrians. Drive along very slowly as you would in a car park. Make sure you are wearing your seat belt and there is no one behind or around you. Brake as if a child has run out in front of you.

What happened? How do you feel?

There should have been no dramas at such a low speed. However, you may have jolted forward very slightly. Obviously do not do this if you have a medical condition which could be aggravated or anyone else is in the car. Please note, if you try this, it is at your own risk.

Now think for a second.

If you were in the back of a car holding a baby and the driver slams on the brakes or the vehicle hits something when you are travelling at 20 mph, 30 mph, 40 mph or faster will it still be a gentle jolt with no drama?

Worth making sure family members put their seat belts on and children use restraints?