How to drive on a smart motorway

Smart Motorways are designed to help keep traffic moving. 

One of the key changes drivers must be aware of is the use of variable speed limits.  To keep traffic moving at different times of the day the speed limit can be reduced from 70 mph.  For example, to 60 mph, 50 mph or 40 mph. These reduced speed limits are not discretionary!

When driving on smart motorways you need to:

  • Watch out for reductions in speed limits
  • Stick to these speed limits
  • Do not let other road users to bully you into allowing your speed to creep up - its about road safety and keeping your licence!

Drivers can easily become distracted and miss traffic signs telling them about reduced speed limits. So make sure you stay alert and aware of what is happening around you, including looking out for changes in speed limits.

On routes we drive frequently we risk going onto automatic pilot and allowing ourselves to get distracted. For example, assuming it is 70 mph, answering hands free phone calls or thinking about the work and not the driving task. 

Stay safe this summer and think about the COAST






More information about smart motorways can be found by clicking here