Seat Belts

This morning I was driving to the office after the school run when I noticed a driver not wearing their seat belt. Now ordinarily I would not pass comment because the driver may be medically exempt. However, the belt was pulled away from its storage location and extended behind the driver. Not the most comfortable position for the driver.

My question is why take a deliberate course of action to engage the seat belt without actually wearing it?  Yes, new cars beep and have warning lights to inform the driver they have not got their seat belt on. But if the beeping gets on your nerves then why not put the seat belt on!

Despite their huge impact on road safety, seat belts are still seen as an inconvenience by a minority of drivers, yet using a three-point belt reduces the chance of dying in a crash by 50% [4]. 21% of car occupants killed in crashes were not wearing a seat belt. Source Brake Road Safety Charity.

More information about seat belts:

Wearing you seat belt could save your life.