Telematics and Risk Management

Telematics are available from a variety of suppliers and range in price and complexity. In a nutshell, telematics can be used to identify high risk drivers by monitoring red flags such as harsh braking, speed, journey duration and so on. Some of the latest and affordable solutions are plug in and have the added benefit of recording MPG and mileage.     

As part of a risk management policy telematics has a lot to offer. However, what do you do with the information you collate?  Who has responsibility to manage this information?  

To be effective someone has to actually look at the data you are collecting. If you have telematics and do not use the data you have at your fingertips ask yourself why.  Do you need help?

Some of the latest generation telematics use a traffic light system which is easy to interpret and provides evidence needed to be able to intervene and challenge poor driving behaviour before something happens.

Before you purchase telematics systems take time to think about what information you want to collect and how you are going to use this information.  Make sure you clearly identify the purpose of implementing telematics as part of your managing on road risk policy. Do not forget to identify who will have the responsibility to manage this information and how they will use it to influence driver behaviour and reduce your risk exposure. 

If you are not sure what to do, then ask someone who knows.