Councils given new powers to remove ‘pointless’ road signs

New powers are effective from 22 April and will mean that local councils can take down ‘unnecessary’ signs and ensure that signs have ‘remove by dates’ on the back.

Transport Secretary Patrick McLoughlin said: “Road signs should only be installed on our roads when they are essential. Our common-sense reforms will help get rid of pointless signs that are an eyesore and distract drivers.

Commenting on the announcement, RAC spokesman Simon Williams said: “Signage is at its most effective when it’s well designed and used in just the right location – and that location is rarely one that is surrounded by a plethora of other signs. A move to de-clutter our roadsides therefore makes a lot of practical, as well as economic sense, and will be welcomed by the 63% of motorists we spoke to that said our roads are too full of unnecessary signage.

These new rules may also mean the removal of smaller repeater signs for speed limits which may lead to confusion and increased risk if drivers fail to see the change of speed limit.