Telematics Survey Identifies Worst Regions for Young Drivers

I heard on my local radio today that there has been a survey using telematics data which I understand shows my region  as the 8th worst for young drivers. Interesting. I have no idea where the data came from and or over what time period it was collected.

However, what about some good news stories about our young drivers?

It is easy to focus on negatives all of the time but no one seems to be interested in publicising positive news.

Whilst I accept there is a lot of work to be done to reduce the number of causalities on our roads, both regionally and nationally, constantly being negative towards young drivers does little to improve road safety because most young drivers are already responsible and want to be safe!

The question is what can we do to improve road safety, whether as parents, educational establishments or significant others focused on improving road safety.

What do you young people think? What do they need to help them stay safe on our roads whether as new drivers or passengers?

Has anyone asked?

Alistair Stuart Director Celtic Driver Training

Alistair Stuart Director Celtic Driver Training