Driver Behaviour

I was delivering on road risk assessments and driver coaching last week. During a discussion one of my clients said, "take out the emotion from driving." What a wonderful observation to have made. How often do you think about how your emotions influence the way you drive? How often does the behaviour of other drivers influence your behaviour? What happened last time another driver tried to push in, failed to signal, tailgated you? How did you feel and react? What about the affects other drivers reactions have on you? What did you do last time another sounded their horn at you? Did you react or stay calm? When did you last sound your horn at anther motorist? WHY?

Think about how your mood, what is going on at work or in your private life then take a few minutes to think about how these thoughts and emotions are reflected in your driving.

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Driver Behabiour Influenced by our Emotions

Our Emotions Influence How we Drive