Free Eco Driver Training!

If I offered you free eco driver training for your car and light van drivers what would you say?

Think about it. How much would a modest 5% increase in MPG save your company over a year? What would such a saving mean to the day to day running of your company?

The Energy Saving Trust is offering subsidised eco training. I am one of their accredited trainers. There are some terms ad conditions such as being based in England and the Trust's training format must be used.

In a nutshell - each driver spends anhour with me. They get to drive my car over a set route of around 25 minutes. I will then give them some eco driving tips which are really easy and simple to follow. Your driver then drives the same 25minute route again and we compare their MPG before and after the training which should have increased.

You provide 8 drivers per day, I will apply for the funding and when agreed I will deliver the training.

What do you think. Click on this link for more information.

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Eco driving saving you money