Brake Fleet Safety Conference 2015

What a worthwhile day with a lot of very knowledgeable speakers.

Key messages were to work with your insurers to put in place policies to manage your on road risk.

The use of telematics was discussed and how technology can help to identify the at risk drivers in your company. However, if the data from your provider is too much to manage ask for data which shows your top 5 at risk drivers as a starting point. Ignoring the data is not an option. Once you are aware of risks you have to manage them.

One company has bespoke lorries which not only have camera technology, along with various mirrors, but also reduced blind spots for the driver. This is achieved by using more glass where pillars and door panels would have traditionally been placed during vehicle design.

Education for drivers was a key message throughout. For example, eco driving has a strong link to improving road safety. By reducing the number of on road incidents you reduce fleet running costs. Education on safe loading, drivers hours, fatigue, speed and so on, backed up with clear company policies, communicated to the work force and enforced is key to creating a culture of safety. 

Have you heard of the Fleet Operators Recognition Scheme? Worth a google.

The conference was a great opportunity to listen to others in the driver training and fleet management industry.

How proactive are you in identifying your at risk drivers? What policies do you have on speeding or user of hands free phones?

Have a safe week.