Driver Awareness. How does your medication affect your driving?

I delivered a driver awareness presentation this week. When I was preparing the presentation I decided to include a few slides about reading the labels and information leaflets we get on our meds from the GP. This was spurred on by a course I attended a couple of weeks ago. One of the activities was to read through some labels and information leaflets on different boxes of tablets. There was the usual avoid alcohol and don't use heavy machinery or drive if drowsy. Whatever drowsy means. However, one eye opener was the phrase may suddenly fall asleep! It was exactly what it said on the box. One moment you could be driving along. The next minute sleeping. So it is well worth while reading the label, understanding how the medication may affect you and then deciding if you should still be driving. Perhaps you will need to let any side effects settle down before getting behind the wheel. To be sure, why not ask your GP or pharmacist for advice. ‪#‎responsibledriving

Driver Awareness