Speed Cameras and Speeding

I have seen on the TV this morning that some of the political parties are saying they will get rid of the 'stealth' speed cameras used on some motorways because speeding fines have gone up by over 20 something percent. If you are wondering what these stealth cameras look like, they are the grey ones cunningly disguised, because they are not yellow!

Speed cameras for the sake of speed cameras...I have my own view as will you. However, if speed cameras save even one life they are worth having. If speeding fines have increased significantly then it demonstrates the willingness of motorists to speed.

Some drivers may argue that the 70 mph speed limit should not apply to them. Perhaps they believe they are experienced  drivers who are able to set their own speed limits to the traffic and road conditions. To a degree I can see the argument. However, everyone will have their own opinion of what an appropriate speed is. Perhaps we should have different speed limits for different types of drivers. For example, newly qualified drivers should have to keep to the 70 mph speed limit, unless they don't want to. Drivers with over 2 years experience can drive between 75 to 80 mph. Anyone over 40 can drive at 80 mph plus. Drivers who are really good can drive at whatever speed they like....and so on. What absolute garbage!

I agree speed limits do not always reflect the road conditions and yes it may be safe to drive at much higher speeds. For example, motorways on the continent have higher limits. However, they are on the continent and not the UK.  I believe speed limits are in place to keep us safe. For drivers who do not agree with the speed limit, lobby your MP.

70 mph limits save lives....if for no other reason than losing control at 70 mph with traffic all travelling in the same direction has a better outcome than losing control at 90 mph.

MPs get a grip......road safety is just that. Doing away with speed cameras because more people are being caught speeding is absurd. Popular vote getting but wrong. Surely better road safety education  to change driver's behaviour is called for.

What road safety educational programmes are our political parties going to introduce in schools and colleges in 2015? What changes are going to be introduced to restrict the number of passengers young drivers can carry? How are you going to identify best practice for encouraging driver safety and make sure this knowledge is shared? Even I know the answer to this one....you're not.