Speed Limits. Are they optional?

Last night I travelled to North Wales. The drive was uneventful. However, at one point I was being followed by a red 4 x 4 whose headlights dominated my rear view mirror. In fairness, I never felt intimidated. However, If I had to stop quickly the vehicle would have gone over me.

Changing speed limits through the villages going from nationals down to 30 mph, back to nationals and down to 40 mph and so on. Now most of us have exceeded the speed limit at some point, me included. Why? Because the speedo can find its way upwards with a good tune on the radio or conversation in the car. We notice our speed has gone up and we sort it out. I am not saying this is acceptable, but it is a reality. However, whilst I was driving along at 40 mph in a 40 mph limit I was overtaken by 3 vehicles accelerating towards the 60's! Did the drivers think we were in a national 60 mph or just bored driving at the speed limit? What makes some drivers believe the speed limit does not apply to them? Could it be the reality that they are unlikely to be caught and are therefore happy to take the risk? Do they believe speed limits do not apply to them? Maybe they believe they are amongst the mythical 'better than average' group of drivers on the road that we all believe we are part of? If they are happy to break the speed limit what other risks are they happy to take whilst driving? Come on.....speed limits are there whether we agree or disagree with them. For those of us who find ourselves unintentionally over the limit we need to think about what options we have to manage this, to make sure we stay within the limit. Maybe more breaks, turning the radio down or off.

For those who believe they have the right to speed on our roads....get a grip. Think about the consequences. If everyone else is not speeding why are you? Try and honestly think about why you speed. Why do you feel comfortable exceeding the limit....is there a buzz driving over the limit and spending time looking out for the speed traps? Congratulating yourself when you spot the parked police car or manage to slow down for the camera. Pity you don't spend more time actually looking at the road ahead. Looking for the farm tractor around the corner rather than  the speed camera.

Here is the big one...Do you want your children to drive like you do? Would you feel comfortable with your  children taking the same risks as you are? Think about the inevitable close shaves you have had up to this point. Such as the feelings you get in your stomach when you realise you have 'over cooked' a corner and might be in trouble! Are you happy for your  children to follow the same driving journey you have made from learner to where you are now? Do you want them to take the same risks you have taken and got away with up to now? If not, then understand the way you drive is the way your children are likely to drive when they are out on their own, after the driving test. Happy to speed.....?

If you know someone who takes risks on the road share this with them.