Advanced Driving - What is it?

Many drivers do not take part in any other driver training once they have passed their test. Many drivers also consider themselves to be better than average drivers, what ever this means. Why bother taking anymore driving tests or on road driving courses? After all, it's only driving!

I can think of two reasons for taking part in an advanced driving course and test:

1. Young drivers can benefit from reduced insurance premiums. Also, advanced courses provided by the IAM, RoSPA and other independent trainers, cover motorways and other 70 mph roads  and country lanes. Certainly motorways would not have been covered during driving lessons because of the restrictions placed on car learners. Also, not every driving instructor will take pupils on national speed limit roads. Advanced driving courses can therefore broaden a new driver's experiences.

2. Parents who learnt to drive years ago will remember their driving lessons and how they passed the test with ten lessons. The bad news is the number of vehicles on our roads has increased since then. Also,  children follow the examples set by their parent's driving. What example are you setting? How do you know you are setting a good example if you have not had your driving independently assessed? What about the bad habits you know about and those you do not? How confident are you of setting a good example?

Think about the benefits of advanced driving. There may or not be any insurance savings to benefit from. The latter depends on your driving history and circumstances. However, being more aware of what is happening has to be a good thing. Also, potential fuel savings because of better planning. More enjoyment of driving by being able to make safe progress. More confidence and less stress.

Later in the week I will be covering the subjects covered in an advanced driving course.

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