Reflection of a Driver Trainer

Over the last week or so we have seen more casualties on our roads. Media coverage of these events again serves to highlight the danger on our roads. Our interest and sympathy peaks and then disappears as our lives go on.

The UK has a relatively good road safety record. However, there is still a lot more work to be done. The recent media coverage over driverless vehicles suggests what the future may hold. But I believe driverless vehicles are a long way off from taking over our roads. It is one thing moving along a pavement at low speed compared with driving along a motorway at 70 mph.  Also, some of us enjoy driving.

One trainer, wiser and more experienced than me within the fleet training industry, commented that drivers need to focus more upon the ‘mental attitude’ required for driving. That is, there is a distinction between having a licence to drive and actually driving. The latter requires drivers to move out of the flock mode, stop following other drivers and start thinking independently about their own driving. This includes looking further than the bonnet of our vehicle and is applicable to every driver.

When was the last time you ‘thought’ about your driving? Take a few minutes to think about how good a driver you honestly think you are. I bet you believe you are a good driver, at least better than average. But are you?

Drivers need to recognise their weaknesses and want to improve their driving if the accident numbers are going to go down. Passing a driving test should only be the start. However, many of us see it as the end game with no further training required thank you. The skills we have can fade over time and sometimes need to be tuned up.

We will see a reduction in road causalities when we all start to take responsibility for our driving and start to think!

A reflection worth sharing with others?