Automatic Lights – Have you got your lights on?

This week we have seen a change in the weather with fog and heavy rain. On occasion it was time to put the fog lights on, such was the reduced visibility. However, not everyone was driving with dipped lights on, let alone fog lights. Why?

Then I started to look at some of the cars with no lights on. They tended to be new cars and some of them from top end marks. Then it dawned on me. Was the problem automatic light settings?

I leave my car lights set to automatic and noticed they do not always come on when I want them to. So I do nothing more than turn them on and problem solved. But what if we have become over dependent on auto settings and no longer check to see if our lights have come on?

Auto light settings. Are your lights on?

Auto light settings. Are your lights on?

The message – check to make sure your lights have come on and do not rely on auto settings to recognise every situation when lights need to be turned on.