What are the causes of traffic traffic accidents?

What are the causes of road traffic accidents? The answer is obvious isn't it! For example, following too closely, speeding, using handheld phones, young drivers, old drivers, drink and drug driving.....and so on.

Firstly, being a young or an older driver does not make you a bad driver by proxy.  But what about the other examples?

Lets take speeding as an example.  Why do some drivers speed and others do not? We can all more or less learn the same skills of making a vehicle go forwards, backwards and in different directions.  So why do some drivers speed and others do not if we all have similar skills based knowledge and know we should not speed. We all have the ability to make choices. However, these choices are complex and depend on other factors which we may, or may not be aware of.

Choice is not black and white but a product of what we think, feel and believe.  The latter can be influenced by how role models such as our parents drive. Also, how friends drive, peer pressure, the media and so on. What about the argument you have just had, running late for the school run or a meeting. What about the other driver who has just moved into the gap you were leaving from the vehicle in front?

Perhaps the emotion of driving has a greater influence than the Highway Code. So what can you do to reduce your risk when you are next in the car? Set of a little earlier, stop for a coffee…….be more aware about how your emotions can influence your driving decisions.


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Stop and think about how driving emotion influences how you drive.

Stop and think about how driving emotion influences how you drive.