New Year and a New Start

The start of 2015 is set to bring me new and exciting challenges. I retired from my previous occupation in  December 2014 with some sadness after having served over 25 years. However, retire I must. I am now  excited to take Celtic Driver Training into 2015 and to start to grow the company. Since 2007, it was only a 'hobby' for me with courses delivered on my days off. Over the last few years I was unable to deliver any training due to illness and my commitment to my full time employer. The company was very much put onto the back burner. However, with retirement comes the time I will need to deliver the highest quality driver training and to pass on my knowledge to the other trainers who will hopefully be delivering my courses in 2015.  It feels very daunting but lets see what 2015 brings......I'll keep you updated.