Poor Customer Service

Earlier this week I went to a car retailer in Leeds with my son to help him buy a 4 x 4. We turned up, viewed the vehicle and arranged a test drive when my son was next off work. We had to rush off because of a  last minute commitment I had. The sales man was professional and knew his stuff. Talked about a deposit to take the vehicle off sale. However, no deposit was asked for but the salesman was clearly told that if the test drive came up to expectation we would buy the car. My son turns up for the prearranged test drive to be told the car had been sold! No phone call before the 50 minute drive to the car showroom! Not to mention one days lost pay as my son had to take the day off! What do you think about this customer service? Disappointing does not describe my feelings.  This got me thinking about my customer service and how I treat people. I would never have dreamed of  treating any of my customers in this way. The customer is king! The dealership was JCT600 Leeds. Oh I forgot to mention that JCT600 have some excellent deals on Mercedes. I know, because I was going to buy a new one from their Sheffield dealership. But not anymore. For balance, my previous purchasing experience from JCT Chesterfield was excellent. What do you think about delivering excellent customer service? Customer loyalty and repeat business?