Advanced Driving Courses in Rotherham

Advanced Driving Courses in Rotherham coming soon.

Information will be added soon.

From November 2019 I will be offering advanced driver training in Rotherham.

Advanced driver training has benefits. The reality is that most drivers will never take part in any further driver training once they have passed their test. Even as experienced drivers we all get into bad habits over the years. Sometimes it is beneficial just to have someone independent to assess our driving and help us to improve.

Whether our individual goal is to build confidence as we get older, the roads get busier or after an accident, learn techniques to help stay safe and enjoy driving, save fuel or prepare for an advanced driving test, advanced driver training can help us to reach these goals. You do not have to take another driving test unless you want to.

Learning is at your pace in a relaxed and supportive environment. 

Whether you are an experienced driver or you have just passed your test,  everyone can benefit from further driver training by learning techniques which will help you to scan the road, recognise risks and use a 'system of car control' to drive safely.

I have a very strong background in advanced driving and have the skills necessary to pass my knowledge on to you.