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We all have our own motivation for wanting to become advanced drivers. Perhaps you want to develop your skills to be the safest driver you can be in a supportive learning environment but without the pressures of having to take an advanced driving test. For example, as roads get busier advanced techniques can help us to cope with increasing traffic and deal effectively with new situations. Click here for more information about our course for experienced drivers.

Are you interested in training for one of the advanced driving tests offered by organisations such as RoSPA or the IAM? Do you want to learn how to make maximum safe progress within the speed limit, have confidence in overtaking and cornering? 

Confidence can often be reduced after an accident or a near miss and needs to be rebuilt. Some drivers want to take additional training after an accident to help them to build up their confidence and to help recued the anxiety and stress they may be experiencing after an accident. However, traditional advanced driving courses tend to focus on working towards the standards required to pass an advanced test. For example, making maximum safe progress, looking for overtakes, limit point analysis for cornering, which are all interesting subjects for a driver wanting to pass an advanced test but may cause anxiety and pressure to a driver involved in an accident who wants to build up their confidence. In this situation being told to constantly speed up and overtake may not be helpful. I offer advanced courses bespoke to you which will help you build your confidence and get you back on the road again. Click here for more information about confidence building after an accident.

You do not have to take an advanced driving test to be an advanced driver. Advanced driving is about more than technical skill. Advanced driving is about understanding how our thoughts, feelings, attitudes and beliefs will influence our driving behaviour and the choices we make. Whilst what we consider to be an advanced driver may differ from person to person advanced drivers are thinking drivers, who recognise risk, understand how their own personality will influence how they drive and do all they can to stay safe and be responsible.

Whatever your motivation I can help you to achieve your goals.


You will develop:

  • expert handling of the controls
  • a safe system of driving 
  • observation, anticipation, awareness and planning
  • judgement of distance and speed
  • ability to recognise and manage risk
  • eco-friendly driving techniques to reduce your running costs
  • ability to drive in urban, countryside, dual carriageway and motorway environments
  • understanding of how thoughts, feelings. attitudes and beliefs influence your driving style and risk
  • copping strategies to deal with stress, use of speed, distractions such as hands free and fatigue
  • self-awareness and reflection skills to evaluate your driving performance and identify action plans to help you to develop 

We will work towards becoming the "perfect driver."

  • Always being in the correct position
  • Always in the correct gear  
  • Always at a safe speed for the road and traffic conditions
  • Always developing our ability to COAST (Concentrate, Observations, Anticipation, Space and Time)
  • Being self-aware, reflective and thinking drivers

Course Options

You can develop any areas of advanced driving you wish to. Whether you are a new to advanced driving or you have already passed an advanced driving test. We can design a course which meet your requirements.

Below you will find some formats which may interest you. 

  • Introduction to advanced driving taster sessions. Practice techniques which will help you to look further ahead and to anticipate potential danger. Start to use the police system of driving. Evaluate your own driving and identify any areas you can develop further.
  • Advanced driving. We will be using Roadcraft, the police driving manual, as the foundation for this course. We will work our way through Roadcraft developing your technical skills, your self-awareness and your understanding of how our thoughts, beliefs and feelings influence the way we drive. We will work towards expert car control. If you want to we can also work towards making maximum safe progress within the legal speed limit. This course can be tailored to meet to your needs. Advanced driving is more than making maximum progress. It about developing thinking drivers, with a safe attitude to all road users who have developed high levels of self-awareness enabling them to identify their strengths and weakness to continue to their own development.  Whilst Roadcraft gives us the framework, your personal goals create the course.
  • Confidence building after and accident. Learn advanced driving techniques which will help you to build your confidence in a supportive learning environment.
  • Experienced drivers. As road layouts change, new signs start to appear and roads get busier confidence can start to falter. Driving is important for most of us not only to get about but to also take part in our social activities. We can drive your regular routes at the times of day you use them and explore anything you are not sure about such as what lane options to take at roundabouts or anything which you need any help or support with.
  • Eco driving. Learn techniques which will help you to increase your MPG and reduce the wear and tear on your vehicle. Learn how to use acceleration sense and gear selection to drive more economically. Develop your ability to better plan your drive to reduce the need to stop and start.
  • Commentary driving. An excellent way to develop your observational skills and ability to anticipate potential risk is by using commentary driving. I will help you to learn techniques which will help you to develop commentary driving. Learn how effective commentary driving links into an effective system of car control.
  • Advanced driving test preparation. If you are already working towards taking an advanced driving test then this course will provide you with an opportunity to evaluate your own driving to identify your strengths and any areas of weakness. You will be encouraged to come up with your own action plan to help you to work towards driving test success. 
  • ADI Part 2 test preparation. Potential driving instructors need to demonstrate a high standard of driving to pass their ADI Part 2 test of driving ability. Understand what the required standards are. I will support you to reach the required standard. I will also show you how all three parts of the qualifying examinations link in with each other.
  • Driving assessment, evaluation and action plan. Perhaps you just one someone to assess your driving. Most of us will not have taken any form of driver training since passing our driving test.  Over the years it is easy to get into bad habits without realising. This informal course is for you if you want some guidance about new roundabout layouts, practice motorway driving or just to make sure you have not got into any bad habits. 

Courses are based upon Roadcraft and the Highway Code. Other reference sources and resources maybe used. 

Subject to Terms and Conditions. 

Why should you consider training with me?

Compare my qualifications with other trainers:

  • Ex Police Class 1 Advanced Driver
  • The DIAmond Special Advanced Driving Test
  • RoSPA Advanced Driving Test at Gold
  • Cardington Special Driving Test at Grade A
  • The Institute of Advanced Motorists Advanced Driving Test
  • Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency Approved Driving Instructor
  • Driving and Vehicle Standards Agency Registered Fleet Trainer
  • RoSPA National Diploma in Advanced Driving Instruction with all parts of the qualifying examinations passed with distinction
  • Corporate Driver Training Qualification awarded by an accredited Driving Standards Agency Training Establishment
  • Risk Assessment Principles and Practice Certificate awarded by The Chartered Institute of Environmental Health.
  • City and Guilds Level 3 Award in Teaching and Education
  • The Energy Saving Trust (England) Accredited Trainer
  • BTEC Level 4 Professional Award in Coaching for Driver Development
  • QEF Queen Elizabeth's foundation for disabled people - Teaching People with Disabilities to Drive

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